Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Brad has had extensive experience and specialized training in performing cosmetic procedures such as bonding with porcelain veneers, space closure, teeth whitening, and improved esthetics in crowns or bridges using the latest materials and techniques. He has successfully treated thousands of patients who desired to improve their smiles and self-esteem. Ask about any options you might have for enhancing your smile. The choice will always be yours, and your options will be fully explained.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are possibly the most exciting breakthrough in dentistry in the last 100 years! A dental implant is a titanium cylinder placed in the space once occupied by a missing tooth. The bone loves titanium, and it grows abound the implant in a matter of months to allow the implant to become a stable platform to support an abutment and a crown to replace the missing tooth. An implant can also be used to support a troublesome denture, provide attachments for removable partial dentures, or even replace the entire dental arch with multiple implants and teeth attached. They are truly a remarkable option that can eliminate the need for bridges attached to the remaining teeth that require cutting on those neighboring teeth. Dr. Hagedorn has been restoring implants for 6 years. In 2018, Dr. Hagedorn received his initial implant placement training in an extensive program through WhiteCap Institute under the direction of Dr. P.K. Clark. Since that time, Dr. Hagedorn has been attending monthly continuing education sessions in Portland, Oregon with several local oral surgeons to sharpen his skills and master more complicated implant placements. He will also be receiving training at WhiteCap Institute under the direction of Dr. P. K. Clark in the placement of implants as well. Most cases will be able to be performed entirely at our clinic, without referring the patient to a specialist out of town. Dental implants generally will last longer and will be more comfortable and trouble-free than conventional bridges. Our goal is for patients to never need an implant by keeping all of their natural teeth. However, accidents can happen, and a missing tooth can now be effectively restored by placing dental implants without involving neighboring teeth. We will always discuss this and any other options for replacing missing teeth or for securing a troublesome denture.

Hygiene, Periodontics, & Oral Systemic Health

Periodontal health refers to the health and condition of the teeth and their support system of soft tissue and bone. When poor hygiene and home care exist, tissues become diseased and inflamed, resulting in red, puffy gums that bleed excessively. Pockets develop under the tissues that accumulate even more bacteria, soft tissue attachment is lost, and bone support eventually recedes, leaving less bone around the roots of the teeth. Ultimately, teeth will be lost if no effective intervention occurs. The best treatment for this condition is prevention! Our expert hygiene team will assist you in preventing this condition in the first place with great teaching and instruction as well as comfortable, efficient cleaning of the deposits on your teeth that can lead to periodontal disease. Regular recall visits every six months is the standard of care. Aside from the obvious threat of tooth loss that periodontal disease can cause, more recent research shows that patients with active bleeding and inflammation in their mouth from any source results in a higher incidence of coronary artery disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and other systemic effects. By simply leaving diseased bleeding tissues untreated, means you could be more at risk for a heart attack! We take this threat seriously, and we are actively involved in the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health ( in an effort to stay on top of research in this area and effective therapies and testing for risk. We employ the latest therapies, including laser-assisted periodontal care, ultrasonic instrumentation, and appropriate antibiotics upon testing, using genetic assays. Dr. Brad and his staff stay up to date on current therapy, and they will consider your overall physical health, of which your teeth are an integral part.

Restorative Dentistry

Ways we improve and repair your oral health

Deep Cleaning – A deep cleaning means that the dental hygienist cleans your teeth both above and below the gum line. This helps get rid of plaque and also smoothes rough spots where the germs can gather and grow. Some signs you may need a deep cleaning include:

  • Bad breath that won’t go away
  • Sensitive or loose teeth
  • Painful gums or chewing
  • Red, swollen, or bleeding gums

Filling – The dentist removes the part of your tooth that is decayed, cleans the area, and fills in the cleaned out cavity with a filling material.

Crown – A crown is like a cap that covers and stabilizes the entire top of your damaged tooth. Crowns can be made from gold. They can also be made out of porcelain or ceramic and matched perfectly to the color of your natural teeth. Summit Dental now features CEREC single-visit porcelain restorations. With CEREC, teeth can be restored in a single setting for the patient, rather than multiple appointments required with earlier technology. Using this advanced CAD/CAM computer technology, Dr. Dewey can design and place ceramic crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays all in one single visit. No additional appointments or temporary restorations required! Watch a video of Dr. Dewey and CEREC technology in action.

Bridge – If one or more teeth are missing, the gaps in your mouth will allow other teeth to move and lead to many problems. In this case, the dentist will design a bridge. Bridges will attach to the natural teeth that surround the gap in your mouth.

Root Canal – Inside your teeth there is small thread-like tissue called pulp. If a tooth is cracked, injured, or has a very deep cavity it can be very painful. In this case, the dentist will remove the pulp from inside the tooth and clean the inside. Next the tooth is shaped, filled, and a crown is placed over top to protect the tooth.

Tooth Removal – Our number one goal is to help you keep all your teeth. But, sometimes a tooth is beyond saving and has to be pulled. The good news is, the dentist can repair the area left behind with an implant or bridge.

Implants – An implant can replace your missing tooth. Implants are a tiny titanium screw that is placed in the location where your tooth roots used to be. Then, the dentist builds a crown to attach to the top of the implant so it looks just like your natural tooth. Implants are sturdy, are easy to keep clean, and feel just like your natural teeth!

Invisalign Services

Get the straight, stunning smile you want—no braces required!

Our office is proud to offer residents in Eastern Oregon Invisalign treatment. Invisalign is a fantastic system that straightens your teeth without the use of traditional, metal braces. Instead, Invisalign uses a series of plastic trays, called aligners, to move your teeth into place.

Is this incredible treatment for everyone? No, but you can find out risk-free if it is right for you. Simply schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Hagedorn to find out if you are a candidate for Invisalign treatment. Read below to learn more about Invisalign.

The Basics

As noted above, Invisalign uses plastic aligners to move teeth into place. These aligners are made specifically to fit your dental anatomy based on 3D mapping of the inside of your mouth. Each aligner will place pressure on your teeth in different ways in order to strategically move them into place. This pressure is gentle, more so than with braces, and works quickly.

Invisalign Advantages

Across the country, Invisalign has become one of the most in-demand dental treatments. Why are patients so enthralled with this form of treatment?

  • It is invisible, which means that no one needs to know you are in treatment.
  • You can remove it when eating, brushing, and flossing.
  • Appointments are less frequent, giving you more control over your schedule.
  • The system is very comfortable, causing little to no irritation.

When you consider all of the advantages, why wouldn’t you become one of our La Grande area Invisalign patients? Call us today to schedule your free consultation.


Endodontics refers to the treatment of teeth with a diseased pulp, more commonly known as root canal treatment (RCT). Dr. Hagedorn performs almost all needed endodontic care in his office without the need for referral to a specialist in most cases. We realize that nobody wants a RCT, and our goal is to prevent the need. However, deep decay, trauma, or cracks in teeth can lead to pretty severe pain that can only be relieved by removing the angry pulp. The negative reputation that RCT has is actually related to the pain that sometimes precedes the treatment. RCT can be a life saver, and the relief or prevention of subsequent pain is a wonderful option to keep a tooth that might otherwise have to be extracted. Treatment is usually needed to prevent pain from developing, but there are occasions where the treatment relieves pain in marvelous ways. Dr. Hagedorn has taken extensive training in the latest techniques and systems for performing RCT. The goal of completely removing the pulp in the canal system, disinfecting the space, and sealing the space from future bacterial infiltration can be accomplished painlessly and successfully in the majority of cases. Our goal is that you will never need a RCT, but in the event that it becomes necessary, we will take great care of you!


Dentistry has certainly changed during the span of Dr. Hagedorn’s career. Dr. Hagedorn far exceeds the minimal requirement of 40 hours of continuing education every two years.  He loves doing dentistry, and he enjoys learning new ways to do it better. Technological improvements are a large part of that. We have always invested in proven technology. We employed digital charting and radiography many years ago. We employ 3-D cone beam radiology, which allows for a three-dimensional view of teeth and bone, which aids in proper placement of implants and root canal therapy where canals can actually be visualized in three dimensions in a tooth. Dr. Hagedorn has a CO2 Deka laser to aid in soft tissue manipulation and stimulation in many applications, resulting in far less recovery discomfort and quicker healing for the patient. We are always looking for ways to accomplish treatment more effectively and comfortably for the patient through technology.

Same-Day CEREC Crowns

La Grande Family Dental is now offering CEREC restorations in the office. With CEREC, teeth can be restored in a single setting for the patient, rather than multiple appointments required with earlier technology. With advanced CAD/CAM technology, Dr. Hagedorn can design and place ceramic crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays all in one single visit. No additional appointments or temporary restorations required!